I love my coworkers

Oct 21, 2008

When the day comes that they make me go dayside at work...I think I'll be kind of sad. I love our night crew. We're a much smaller group and so we have a lot more fun.

Ben, Rick and I had a 15 minute long conversation about the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. I'm SOOO excited for it. We discussed our favorite Bonds, Qs, and theme music.

My sports guys now realize I'm not just another prissy girl...and that I care deeply for sports. So much so that Sam brought me back Media Guides from Utah State and U of U. It was awesome. Sports guys are generally some of my favorite people. And mine are no exception. Today Derek, after seeing my hot pink/purple tights and my purple t-shirt (which, in my defense, was UNDER my black dress) only had this to say: "you're very purple today." then he smiled and continued to his desk.

My anchor Brandi is so funny. We have a lot of the same idiosyncrasies, passions and pet peeves. Today we had to deal with a j-e-r-k, JERK (to the Nth degree) from CNN...and I was glad that I wasn't the only one who wanted to hunt him down and punch him in the knee caps. Oh and she shares my love for LOLCats. When we've had a long day, or a hard one, we pull up LOLCats and enjoy. Here's one of today's favorites:

Our tape editor Ben might be one of my favorites. Not only does he deal with all my crap and my tendency to freak out that my show won't have video...he calls me on my mistakes. But in a totally humorous way. Plus we share a very warped sense of humor ... and enjoy teasing each other greatly. Today he discovered that I'm slightly passive-aggressive. After having to deal with the incompetence of some people at a sister station, he said "you just need to call and chew them out. ...but you're too nice. do you even have a [w]itch side?" then I laughed. "Uh yes. And a very catty one at that. It just takes the right situation....which this might be." "Ah. Passive aggressive. I like it. Just tell them you're already better than they are, and you're newer." I laughed. Because it was true.

And even though she's not nightside my reporter Kaitlyn and I had a bonding moment today. I call her the enabler. She went to the bridal fair this weekend...and brought me back a bridal magazine. Also, her boyfriend is moving to ParkCity for a while and she wants to visit him sometime during ski season....and she needs someone who knows how to get around down there...guess who she volunteered. Me. Yes, the one from UTAH. Note: not from, but love. Anyway, so there's a chance that during ski season we'll be taking a weekend to visit Park City. Brief but I'm so excited even at the prospect. Especially since I can get Sundance Tickets because I had credentials last year. Yes. Be jealous.


  1. Oh, to be so connected. Sports fanatics? Can we say, "Howard Bolton?" The ball doesn't fall too far from the goal post/basket/base....

  2. well...i'm glad someone loves their coworkers!! lol... sounds like you're having lots of fun!


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