Honest to blog

Oct 16, 2008

The guy who lives in the apartment across the "street" (it's more of a glorified parking lot) walks around his apartment half-naked all. the. time.

Every time I think about it, I think about Friends infamous "ugly naked guy" across-the-way neighbor.

And as a completely unrelated side-note:


  1. oh man you make me laugh! Miss you!

  2. 1) Lucky you!
    2) I love Peeps, but I like them stale.
    3)Freaking cute.

  3. Okay--mom is afraid. David. Bathsheba....


  4. Citing friends again...hahahaha!! LOVE IT! Remember naked ugly guy started out as hot naked guy... hahaha...

  5. Yes, but in the end the apartment becomes Ross's and it's all down hill from there. :) Remember how he has to "get" the apartment. I think yours is more like that movie with Freddie Prince Jr. and some random girl I've never seen again where she moves in with all those models and watches him "kill" another woman. Just watch out, you may have more breaking news on your hands than you can handle. hahaha. ps, love the bags, totally bummed i didn't win one. sweater dresses, totally fifth grade for me. :)


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