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Oct 1, 2008

Okay so I had a mega headache and took some Excedrin so now I have caffine-induced's some things I'm really excited about right now:
  • I finally got reimbursed for my cab fare from the job interview in Las Vegas ... and bought this baby. Yay for peaceful sleep.
  • My institute class. My teacher is really rad and I'm stoked to explore the New Testament. And there's only 6 of us, so it'll be really personal.
  • On the way to institute, I stopped at a stop sign downtown....where a kid on a skateboard proceeded to JUMP the trunk of my car. yes. It was amazing.
  • My mom and I found a BILLION...okay, maybe 5 really amazing Martha Stewart pumpkin recipes. I'm excited to try them.
  • I FINALLY HAVE CABLE AND INTERNET. My food network is back.
  • And no only do I have cable but I have on demand...which provides me with 6 episodes of Hannah Montana. Commercial free. YES. Oh and a bunch of free movies. I'm excited.
  • But one of the BEST parts of the cable thing? In Eugene, Comcast customers get BYU TV!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means I get conference on my TV, BYU Football, Devotional, everything.
  • And speaking of BYU FOOTBALLLLLLLL, we rock. We're ranked #8 right now. I'm so proud of my Alma Mater. Seriously though, of course we're top 10 when I leave. I seriously love BYU Football.
  • I get to see Katelyn this weekend! I'm really excited to get to hang out with this girl and her family. They're so wonderful and it's nice to have a long-standing friend here in Oregon.
  • David Archuleta's new song "Crush". It's MEGA catchy.
  • And I love Taylor Swift's song "Love Story". The link is to the lyrics, it's so tender.
  • The Office is back. Thankfully!! And I'm so excited for how this season will go.
  • It's fall...and with fall comes one of my favorite things: Starbucks caramel apple cider. Tastiest thing in the free world. Honest to blog.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury. Red Sox resident hottie. And amazing game saver.
  • I love fall and with copious amounts of trees here in Oregon, I get to enjoy the foliage again.
  • My co-workers are AWESOME. Working the 11 you get to be a pretty close team and they make me so happy. I even got an on air shout out from my anchor Brandi tonight. It was great. Check us out at
  • My boss fist bumped me tonight...for getting breaking news on the air before any other stations. Now this wouldn't be so strange except he is a 50-some odd-year-old man...who is usually incredibly stoic and straight-laced.
  • And I'm looking at some of BYU's free independent study classes. My favorite I've found: swimming. Yes you can take swimming as a long distance internet course. HAHAHAH. I still have yet to figure out just how exactly that works.
Oh and I'll post apartment pictures soon. I honestly only have 2 boxes left to figure out where the contents go.


  1. sounds like life has taken off for you! way to go!!!! bummer that you won't actually get to watch cougar football on byutv, but if you have comcast, you should get the mtn (stinkin' mwc signing that great tv deal). i have yet to try the caramel apple cider, but will now make an effort. if you find a great pumpkin muffin recipe, let me know; my last two have been dismal. :<

  2. hahaha....all those boxes. i can only think of traveling through Hell, Oregon and passing out during the trip when you bring up

  3. So true about Starbucks' carmel apple cider.

    Mad props to you, Siovhan. It sounds like things are really going great. :)



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