Today I have a case of the Mondays:

Sep 16, 2008

Today I was not on my "A" game. I knew it was going to be "one of those days" when I woke up this morning with that feeling. That shallow feeling like there's just something missing and you don't quite know what it is...and no amount of ice cream can change that.

And despite what it seems, I've really started to enjoy being in Eugene. I'm loving work and putting my all into
it. I live to go to work. (Not a real shock for anyone who knew me last semester...) But today was a weird day at the station. Today: EVERYONE....KEZI 9 had a case of the Mondays. So much so that my anchor Brandi bought me (and Rick) a dilly bar from DQ (yumm!!!).

But tonight I miss my friends and my family. So here goes.

Dear Megan--
Tonight I saw a trailer for Made of Honor. It comes out tomorrow. It made me both happy and sad inside. It made me think of that wonderful chick date we went on to see it. The night were I knew how everything was going to end up--us back in my bed laughing hysterically and eventually falling asleep in the mass of pillows. I miss trying to wake you up off the couch. I miss waking up to you doing your hair. I miss the Washington D.C. sweatshirt you wear on laundry day. And I miss food networking with you...and eating on the floor and you
laughing at me. I miss you. And every time I smell my perfume I think of you. :) I love you girl.

Dear Andrea--
This bao bab body pillow just does not replace your bao bab body. I have so much curiosity about your life. I need to call you soon. It seems lik here in hippie country...they love unicorns. I miss you everytime I see one.......I miss you all the time. And, oh, by the way--we totally fit in here--people don't shower here. Haha. I love you.

Dear Dani--
I miss you. I miss our pizza nights and Costa Vida and our late into the night chats. I miss my forever bff.

Dear LyndsiShae--

I miss bed flop. I've been thinking about you NON-STOP lately. I need a bed flop even if it's just by phone. I need to know how your life is going. I need to know how school is for you. I need to hear about your latest letter from Kennylove. And I need to have some soul lovin. (And I'm so sad your mac and cheese leftovers are going to waste without me there. I do love it.) I ate a whole stuffed crust pizza the other day and thought of you. I really miss you so much...sometimes that it actually hurts. I love you, girl.

Dear Kellie--
I had a dream that you actually did move in with me. Now it has to come true. :) ha. But seriously. I miss you. And I miss our yoasis nights. Oh and my boss wants you to email he can keep you updated on job openings for a couple months down the road.
Dear Naomi-- Come to me child. You and I are seriously too much alike. I need you here and more in my life. Love you bunches. Love you like I love Burger Supreme in the summer.

Dear Heidi, Smiss, and Sazza-
I miss you guys. A WHOLE FREAKIN BUNCH. I love you guys so much. It's weird we've only known each other such a short time. BFF.

Dear Maddie/Foust/Maren/MegLavin/my broadcast hunnies--
I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My newsroom here in Eugene is not the Daily News. I miss our post-show (and sometimes pre/and during-show) pow-wows. I miss hanging out outside the newsroom, going to lunch, hainvg dance parties, and having long chats about our lives. Please keep in touch. I'll die if you don't.
Dear Kirsten--

The other night when you facebook chatted'll never know how much that meant to me. And you definitely do hold a bigger place in my heart than a diet cola. ;) I love you pseudo-sister.

Dear Mom--
I'm addicted to Post Secret. You know this. Today I read this new one first: here. I actually began bawling. I couldn't believe it. My secret: Everyday I VERY consciously make an effort to become my mother. She's the best person know.

Dear Dad--
I joked with mom that you were my new BFF with how much you call. I'm excited about that. I like having you in my life so prevalently. I love you so much.
Dear Mikaela, Braden and Ben--
I LOVE YOUR GUTS. Panfu tewts galore. Hah. I haz a fether for each of you in my heart. Hah. Love you loads.

Dear Former Boys of Glenwood Apt. #125,
I miss you. I miss hanging out at your apartment and spending more time there than Ty ever did. I hope your lives are all going well this new school year. Love you all lots.

Dear Kassi,
I'm so glad we're friends. Here's to a life long friendship.

Dear anyone I forgot,
It's not because I don't care. I promise. It's because it's 1:21 in the morning and my heart is so worn out today.


  1. OHHH...your post made me so sad! I hope your Monday blues stayed only on Monday and that you are having a great rest of the week. The newsroom misses you too...I've been going in to work on my resume tape...and it just isn't the same! Why couldn't we have stayed students FOREVER...sleeping in class, putting off current event quizzes...oh the life! But it sounds like you are doing good in Eugene...keep killing it up there with your mad producing skills :)

  2. So, you know how I love Tony Bennett.
    I DO NOT KNOW A DAY I DID NOT LOVE YOU From the Broadway Show "Two By Two" (1970) (Martin Charnin / Richard Rodgers) Tony Bennett - 1970 I do not know a day I did not love you.
    I can't remember love not being there.
    The planting when the earth ran through your fingers, The harvest when the sun danced in your hair. I do not know a day I did not need you,
    For sharing every moment that I spent.
    I needed you before I ever knew you
    Before I knew what needing someone meant.
    And if we ever were to have tomorrow,
    One fact alone is full and filled with song:
    You will not know a day I do not love you,
    The way that I have loved you all a long. (under the picture of New York)

  3. Hey, cheer up lady!

    1. I am glad someone besides me reads PostSecret! I check it every Sunday!

    2. I am kind of jealous you live in OR. I want to move to Portland/Seattle/Some trendy NW city where being pale is normal and the people are kind of hippies. Yeah, I'll come find you up there one of these days.

  4. those days are soooo weird. Especially when the entire station seems to have the Mondays. I'm glad you're getting situated in Oregon... but yeah, that kinda empty feeling always seems to come and go. I hate that feeling!

  5. This post was heartwarming and tender. I love you and miss you. By the way, check out my new blog sweetheart.

  6. S! Reading your blog makes me sad and miss you so much! It's weird to think that we may actually never see eachother again and this great summer we had this year can never be replaced by a better one. You are an awesome girl. Oregon is so lucky to have you there. :( and here we are moving on and still missing you forever! Here are the things I miss about you. I miss our late night talks about how stupid Myles is and how much I hate girls and drama and my sad emotional rollercoaster of a life due to Kelvin. I miss running through the sprinklers with our cothes on then jumping in the GlenHOOD pool afterwards :) I miss making runs to taco bell because we cant get enough of their chaep prices and food that makes us want to puke. I miss you and Megan slepping on my lovesac all cuddled up! I miss our talks about Daniele and how he thinks he knows everything when in reality he was pretty much on about everything we talked about (dang) I miss sitting in the hall for hours talking or having races. I miss you and all of us watching Tree Hill together.... It's just not the same. I miss sitting on the comp for hours on you tube wathing stupid videos that stay engraved in our minds and thats all we ever quote.... and the pickles! I miss that boy talking to you about his relationship problems and I miss you and your good advice that you would give when we talked. I miss being able to knock on your door just to say hi. (oh and of course door bell, well knocking you guys.) I miss climbing out of your living room window even when we didn't have to sneak into the GlenHood pool. I just freaking miss you! thank goodness for phones. I love you and I hope that things get better! You will never be forgotten! I LOVE YOU! one last thing.... TITCH!!!! ;)


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