My heart belongs to a diet cola.

Sep 12, 2008

Okay, so the other day I saw a coke ad. Apparently it debuted during the Olympics.
It said: "If you've bought a Coke in the last 80 years ... you've sent athletes to the Olympics"?

Beyond funding the Coke scholarship....I think I sent the Entire USA Gymnastics team this year alone. Haha. Oh man.

"Caffeine to the bloodstream. I take caffeine to the bloodstream."
--Jack's Mannequin--


  1. i thought i was your true love... bummer! who could love anything more than their incredible auntie/sister, whatever i am...

  2. Siovhan I love you! If you sent the gymnastics team then I definitely sent the entire swim team! Gotta love Diet Coke!

  3. i miss you.
    everytime i dump mac n chz leftovers, my heart longs for a bedflop on account of you actually like those.


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