A little post work blogging.

Aug 30, 2008

By all means I should be heading home to bed. But my 36 oz diet coke from dinner is still rapidly flowing through my veins (as I sit here listening to our male anchor, our sports guy and our meteorologist debate politics...all from a democrat's perspective).

Megan just posted (via facebook) pictures of our last couple of nights together in Provo. It makes my heart happy and sad. I miss my girls so much.

My lack of really knowing anyone here in Eugene is still very daunting to me. I struggle having free time, let alone...alone time. I've depended mostly on parasocial interaction lately...I'm worried I'll eventually really begin to believe that Ross and Rachel ARE my friends.

But here are a few things on my mind tonight:
  • Finishing the unpacking process. My mother said not to expect to be completely moved in until Saturday. I hope she meant next Saturday because that's what seems more and more viable.
  • COUGAR FOOTBALL STARTS TOMORROW. Without me. But you best believe I'm gonna be cheering and RISING AND SHOUTING and Cougar Blue-ing it up the wazzoo here in Duck Country. I miss Cougar Town. GO COUGS!!!!
  • Lean Cuisine Mac and Cheese. I had some this afternoon. SO GOOD. And so guiltless.
  • Just how comfortable my couch is. Seriously. Sleeper Sofa = Siovhan waking up at 3 am disoriented yet very comfortable....and then trying to figure out which way to my bed.
  • How I recently became friends with and thoroughly enjoy one of the girls my ex-boyfriend played me for/with. She is DARLING and we're very alike (down to the fact that we look similar). She and I have discussed (with grave seriousness) a "John Tucker Must Die" scenario for this boy.
  • The fact that I have a TV at my desk at work and am not only allowed but ENCOURAGED to watch it. Yes. ESPN during my lunch break? CNN while I write? Yes, please.
  • The fact that I left a kid in Provo who worships the ground I walk on and keeps pleading me to move back. (It feels nice to know sometimes.) And the fact that my friend Tyler might be one of the sweetest, albeit quirky (Megan and I have never seen him without shoes...or Hollister), guys ever and how I forgot that for a while.
  • Disneyland. The Year of a Million Dreams. How every. single. day. I want nothing more than to go back. And how I wish I could relive my Disneyland day over and over and over again. It was perfect.
Well I've done a lot of writing and thinking lately, so I'll get some of that to you soon. But for now I'm going home to my apartment.



  1. Apartment for you, needs to feel like home. Make it yours Sunshine!

    "Mom, how can I make them all like me?" "Siovhan, just be yourself. What's there not to like?" Mom quotes Mary Poppins, kind of: "Siovhan Bolton, practically perfect in every way."

    (Enough cheese? Do you need more?)

  2. sounds like some major changes, but it sounds like youre handling them with ease. a new area always brings new challenges, but it sounds like your thriving in your new place. cute couch too!


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