My dear loyal readers,

Jul 16, 2008

So it's been like 3 weeks since I've written anything here. Funny. Especially since it's ranked pretty high on the dramatic life changing scale.

Let's see. 29 days (but who's counting) til I graduate. That is a SCARY fact my friends. I just keep thinking, 'can I really have been here for 4 years?' Dude, I LOVE BYU. I always have. I've had a love affair with this school since I was an infant (I sincerely wish that was more of an exaggeration). Thinking about my cap and gown and walking parading around in front of people culminating my formal schooling is a daunting thought. I'm excited and terrified all at the same time. My life is changing RAPIDLY and I'm still not sure I can handle it. "I can do hard things" Right?! .....speaking of which, I still need to order my cap and gown.

My boy life has had the upheaval of the century lately. I'm not really ready to address that at this point (mad dawg--call and i'll give you the lowdown). Although I will tell you I learned my lesson about giving out my number when I haven't really spent any time with you. You get creepers. Like the guy who propositioned me for...well, let's use a big word so the kids don't get offended...fornication. Yes. Oh he was a WINNER. *Shudder*

There is a 90% chance at this point that I will be relocating to Las Vegas next month to work for ABC 13--KTNV. So along with this GIANT EXCITING CHANGE (I will be the first to admit I'm normally terrified of this magnitude of change) comes a long list of to-do's. I need to:
  • Find an apartment--I've looked into one and the girls there seem really nice--the rent is just a little steep still. (Journalists...we do it for the love, not for the money.)
  • Find a ward--need the church and some major single hotties in my life (preferably looking a little something like this dude.)
  • Pack. Gosh, I have so much stuff.
  • Oh yeah, recongnize that I'm now an adult. Dude, this is weird, weird, weird.
  • Make friends in Vegas. I'm up to 2 at this point! Yay!
  • Buy a screen for my windows in my car....because it's hotter than hades in Vegas.
  • Learn to golf....and tennis. Apparently that's what we do in Vegas.
  • Did I mention find a hottie Vegas boyfriend? Haha.
  • Keep my tan. Yes, my friends, believe it. I am in fact tan this summer. =]
School is daunting. 11 credits. What was I thinking?! Oh well. I'm fine. It'll all be fine. I just didn't know Humanities was going to be like the most difficult G.E. class I'd have to take at BYU. Gosh.

And my family is coming soon. I'm SOOOOO excited. It seems like it's been forever since I've seen them (January...except for Dad, I saw him in April...but still miss him).

AND DUDE. Erin is leaving the Daily News. Looks like it's time for change for everyone.


  1. good luck finishing with school. it probably seems so daunting to feel like you finally have to "grow up." but, realistically...moving to vegas, living with a bunch of girls, doing a job you love, and dating hotties freely--doesnt seem like it will take you long to adjust to this new stage in your life. im so excited for you, and ill have to tell my vegas friends to keep an eye out for you! congrats!

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  3. You will do great with life after BYU! You have all the makings for a fabulous adventure in Vegas! Good is exciting!

  4. hopefully this post will not be removed by a blog administrator.

    Love I just caught myself up on your blog and caught myself up on my blog and I am hoping that you are okay. You're a strong woman. Your life is yours, even if it seems the other way around.
    I love you.

  5. Siovhan! Vegas is awesome, especially for a young, hot chica like you! Plenty of good-looking men! Congrats on the job - that is pretty darn cool. What a fun time. The heat is awful but you'll melt slightly and get used to it soon enough. Good luck!!

  6. If it makes you feel any better, I feel a little queasy when I think that I'm old enough (and supposedly smart BYU tells me) to graduate. I'm soo stinkin excited for you to live in Vegas. Singles ward that is amazingly fun and has hotties: cenntenial hills...look for it, live by it..LOVE it. Some of the best times of my life were in that ward. Plus it's like a good 20-30 minutes from the strip so you won't be tempted to go to strip clubs all of the time like I know you will be.

  7. Yay! You updated. I do read your blog. :)

    Congratulations on graduating. I actually thought you already had. Whoops!

    And Erin...I know. I'm done shedding my tears over that. :(

    I'm sure you'll find a deliciously handsome man in Vegas. I hear they're pretty common there. Good luck!!!

  8. being an adult can be hard.. but you get used to it. I still act really immature. I remember I am supposed to be an adult and I laugh... I always thought it was so much more than a title. Surprise surprise.. that's all it is.. a new title and more bills.

  9. oh come on... humanities isn't THAT hard :)

  10. Thanks for your comment, it made me smile. The designs are coming along, filming got pushed to Aug 11th, so that gave me more time to finish stuff up. And as a fellow insomniac, I think we should start a club and stay up all night doing..... cool stuff......

  11. 1. I can't believe Erin is leaving!!!!!!!!! What am I going to DO in the Fall??
    2. I am so excited we can be blog friends!

  12. better be counting me as one of your LV friends. Also, Patrick Dempsy - not cute. And how do you cross out words. That's so genius! Also, graduating school is great. Sometimes I have dreams that I never passed Statistics and I never graduated. It's the worst nightmare ever!! Also - I'm looking for a roommate, and a new apartment. So let me know if you decide to move down here for sure... we could look for something together if you don't have any place to go yet!!

  13. BTW -- I play tennis! You can play with me! I'll let you borrow my boyfriends racket! (I know, I'm so nice). Plus, our schedules would be pretty similar... perfect for roomies!!!


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