Things I have learned in the last 36 hours:

Jun 26, 2008

  • Do NOT try to bike the Provo River (14 miles) an empty stomach. No Bueno. You will want to die.
  • Your brand new DI t-shirt (for a college you didn't even go to: Go SUU!) can be the exact thing you need after dying a little from said biking excursion.
  • Lying in grass that has been freshly sprinkler-ed and is at the bottom of the hill will get you SOAKING wet and muddy.
  • This is worth it for the ride home where you are sufficiently cooled by the fact that you are soaked.
  • You will look like an idiot with a muddy back, though.
  • The GUY at the Glenwood grill will NEVER cook a good hot dog. But the GIRL will cook fabulous hamburgers.
  • The day is shaping up to be no bueno when at 9:30 it's already 90 degrees.
  • Framing your Disneyland pictures will just make you long even more to be there with your friends.
  • You can make situations infinitely more dramatic than they need to be by over analyzing and doubting...and you will, generally, be very wrong.
  • Your guy friends can be even bigger girls than you are.
  • Talking to your "long lost" girlfriend in Phoenix will make your night. Dude, that gorgeous girl ROCKS.
  • You can freak out about what to wear to your job interview more than anyone freaks out about what to wear to prom.
  • You can miss your roommate/bff more than life itself.
  • You can crave Strawberry Limeade more than you crave any kind of food.
  • Music can soothe the soul and match any emotion ever.
  • The maintenance guy will inevitably come in your apartment as you're getting out of the shower....and thereby see you in your Transformers towel...and ONLY your Transformers towel.
  • And just when you think you'll be fine, that's when the headache sets in.
  • A bandanna will make you look and feel like a bad-a. Or a cheesy 80's rocker.
  • Even if you love your job work sucks when you want a nap.


  1. a-i love you and your posts
    b-i was thinking of roller blading the provo river...should i throw that idea out? how steep is it? let's be honest...I would probably only do a mile and then call it quits...and where is a good place to start...sorry i'm outdoors challenged so I need a lot of help (obviously)

  2. i'm glad the towel was my idea. that makes this even more funny for me.

  3. I found your link on Heather Andreason's blog! Hope all is well! Keep up the fun updates Ill be sure to check back when I need to laugh!

  4. you need to let all of your friends know about all the fun things that are happening right now.


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