My 22nd Birthday

Jun 4, 2008

My birthday began with my gorgeous and lovely roommate, Megan, getting me Kneader's--they make the filthy best French Toast this side of the Mississippi.

And she had decorated the hall just outside our front door to make sure everyone knew it was my birthday.

I got outside and my car had been decorated. This created many humorous and awkward situations including but not limited to getting "Happy Birthday" sung by 4 17-year-old boys in a Tahoe--one of whom proceeded to then ask me out for Saturday when he finishes EFY, and several old men saying something along the lines of "Happy Birthday to you, you pretty girl." It made me blush and laugh all day. ...Maybe I'll take that kid up on his offer. hah.

I ain't no Holla Back girl...but Megan is so funny.

We tried to get both of us in the picture, but it really wasn't gonna work.


After my internship we decided to spend some time by the pool. It's quickly becoming a favorite pass time. And I've learned my lesson (again) and I was SLATHERED in sunblock. Yay pale, freckly skin.

Megan likes to take gross-o pictures of me. Here I'm on the phone with my friend Brett.

Here's my gorgeous roommate (and my amazing photography skills). Yay Megan!!!

Megan in the back on the way to Red Robin for dinner. We got all dressed up. It was great.

Here's Daniele and me in his baller car. I seriously love his Jeep (I'm an SUV girl at heart).

My momma bought me a pretty dress for my birthday and I wore it to dinner with my new earrings. I think I clean up pretty well.

This is the antithesis of my last statement. You can put the girl in pretty clothes and do her hair--but you can not stop her from being a dweeb.

I freakin love Red Robin.

Daniele, Kellie (she's my right hand girl in the newsroom and one of my favorite people outside of it), and myself.

Megan said "Look like you're in love." We tried this shot 3 times. We're obviously no good at that. Hmmm shocking for the fact that we're SO all about each other....hahaha. not.

Best. Shot. Ever. Megan caught that straw wrapper mid air. Kellie's face is classic.

You need to have some attractive man candy with you on your birthday. We obviously picked our Italian friend. Mmmm. Foreign.

We're basically obsessed with each other.

They're secret lovers. Secret sexy lovers.

I'm no good at sexy.

Some of my friends stopped by for pie, cupcakes and ice cream later that night. Vilja even made an appearance (I like that her fiance lives close to me).
In order: Keith, Kellie, Vilja, Me, Byron and Cody

Eric, Nikki, Katelyn and Melissa

Payton, Eric, Kari and her bf Matt

Birthday Pie time!!

MakE A WiSh!!!!
(I seriously don't think I made a wish...oops. But I did blow them all our in one breath.)


  1. Happy (late) Birthday! Sorry I missed it, but looks like you had a great time. I especially like the picture with the straw wrapper zipping by.

  2. Happy Birthday! By the way, your job sounds awesome - jealous!

  3. Congratulations on having a way awesome birthday--and you were so worried! Your dress looks fantastic. I guess little sisters are good for something!

  4. Happy birthday! Looks so awesome. I love the adjectives you use to describe your friends...I would like to hang out with you more...haha

  5. i came here via your facebook page, and was so excited to see your mom had a blogspot. i love seeing how your family is doing years after living in omaha.


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