Life's too short to hate yourself.

Jun 14, 2008

I've been doing a lot of thinking this week about what I want any guy I fall in love with, and the guy I marry to love me for. Reasons I love myself.
  • I always have black feet because I'd much rather walk around everywhere barefoot. I'm pretty sure I'll have to wash my feet before I get into bed for the rest of my life--or invest in all dark colored sheets.
  • Ironically, I have a shoe obsession. I have somewhere upward of 40 pair.
  • I snort when I laugh--obviously something so incredibly attractive it ends up making every boy fall in love with me...not. But I do hope it's one quirk that ends up being endearing and not annoying.
  • The passion I have for my job. There are very few things in life that I care about with the depth and breadth I do my work. It's the one thing that's always made sense to me to do and I can't even think of really doing anything else. Plus, it's gotta be kinda hott when a girl knows how to singlehandedly program an entire dubbing tower to record onto just about any media format. (I am so good at what I do, it's ridiculous, hahaha.)
  • Not only do I snort when I laugh, I have a terribly loud laugh. Boisterous. And this creates for some seriously hilarious and awkward situations in public when I burst out with a "HA!"
  • That I can't pull off your classic sexiness like other girls (like the girls on Mean Girls)...I'm just too cute and awkward to be able to even feign that.
  • That I have a huge smile and it gets even bigger when I laugh or when I'm really amused (usually with myself).
  • I am a compulsive back/head scratcher. Even with people I barely know, I find my hands wandering (in the non skeezy way). I love playing with boys hair. This usually makes me pretty popular amongst my friends. =]
  • I have a serious Diet Coke addiction. Upon getting in my car this morning I realized I now have 8 empty cans of Diet Coke strewn amongst the contents of my car. A friend (who knows this fact all too well--especially after seeing my half empty CASE of DC in my fridge) was getting in too and remarked, "Ha. you drink anything else?"
  • My love for good music, which really just means, for MY music. I have a very eclectic mix from Usher to Jimmy Eat World to Miley Cyrus to Rascal Flatts to Run DMC...
  • I LOVE puddle jumping. Whether in my jeans or in shorts or pajamas. I LOVE it.
  • As a child I had this crazy knack for singing the wrong lyrics to songs...Secret Agent Man became Secret Asian Man, and "Hold me closer tiny dancer" became "Hold me closer Tony Danza" ...and I maintain the tendency to sing them even now.
  • My crazy sense of humor. "Look familiar my dears..." (if you want to understand that go to and then to SNL and look for The Suze Orman Show. HILARIOUS!!!!)
  • My need for a creative outlet in my if I didn't have a creative enough major...but honestly, I'm always up to something crafty (with typical half done results). But even this week I bleached a design into a t-shirt and it looks RAD.
  • I used to be a nerd...maybe more of a dork, actually. And that translates into my life VERY MUCH still.
  • I tell myself I'm hott in the mirror before I leave almost every day.
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I'm easy to read for the most part.
  • I am SASSY. I was blessed (and cursed) with a quick wit and a sass that very few possess...which also creates some fun situations in life.
  • I both love AND hate to do laundry. I love doing laundry and I love clean clothes and the smell of them, but I hate newly washed jeans...and having to wear them in. Once you get them to feel like you want to again, they need to be washed like the next day.
  • I always make faces. In all sorts of situations--pictures, dates, meetings, church meetings, friend moments. Always and forever.
  • I'm a movie repeater, which drives Megan nuts. I can watch the same movie over and over again--sometimes immediately after I've watched it.
  • I just ate a whole can of Chef Boyardee, which is already filthy in and of itself, but I ate it cold, and I prefer it that way. Same with Mac and Cheese, I like it when it's been cooked and then refrigerated and reheated. Hah. Ew.
  • I can singlehandedly eat an entire frozen pizza. Especially if it's stuffed crust.
  • I'm a klutz, a TOTAL klutz. I broke my foot in high school by tripping over the other one.
  • I also have a penchant for embarrassing situations. Like yesterday when I went to put my pants on for my date and realized I had a HUGE tear down the butt of them and on the bottom of the butt under the pocket...AND I'D JUST WORN THEM THE DAY BEFORE with underwear that was a little scandalous. Oops. Hahahaha.
  • I notice these things (and others) about myself and appreciate them.
Honestly, I think that would be rad. I am such a dweeb, and I LOVE it.


  1. As I read this post it just made me so happy that we reunited after what like 16 years! I hope things are going well for you and I don't know if you heard/saw but I got my mission call to the Arizona Mesa Mission.

  2. Well, I love and appreciate every single one of those things - especially the movie repetition. (How else would we have memorized Ice Age? hello!!!!) And if any guy is in their right mind, they will love those things, too, and every single other thing about you, of course! By the way, you have beautiful eyes...


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