Jun 20, 2008

Okay so the funniest thing happened yesterday. I almost peed my pants when I heard it.

I’m going to preface this all by saying that there are three of us that live in my apartment. There’s Megan and me…and our third roommate Camille. She doesn’t know either of us very well and keeps mainly to herself (I can’t blame her—we’re crazy). She’s very quiet and just stays in her room for the most part when she’s home (she’s from Provo so she’s out and about with friends and stuff a lot). She’s so darling and so nice, but just incredibly quiet—quiet enough that I often fear that I’m scaring her out of her mind with the fact that I’m quite strident on most occasions.

Anyway, so one of my favorite past times is scaring my roommates as the leave the bathroom in our apartment. Mostly because it’s just such an easy target, they never really expect it. I used to do it to my roommate Lindsey all the time (she was the easiest scare I’ve ever met)…and now I’ve moved on to Megan.

Well, I’ve gotten Megan so many times in the past month or so that she was starting to think it was time for revenge.

She got me the other night as I walked into the kitchen—I had thought she was going to be on the other side so I walked right into her trap…

Well, last night Megan got home from taking her last final for spring term. She saw my wallet, iPod and keys on the kitchen table and heard someone in the shower and assumed it was me. So conciously delaying her trip to Wal-Mart she decided instead to stealthily await my emergence from the shower and anxiously anticipate the blood-curdling scream I would knowingly emit.

Well, much to Megan's unknowing dismay, I was down the hall helping one of the girls in my ward move apartments (bad roommate situation, something I sympathize greatly with due to some of my past roommates).

Megan hears the shower turn off and runs to place herself into prime scaring position. She even lowered her aviator sunglasses in order to seem that much creepier.

Well, bless poor little Camille's heart, she opens the door and Megan pounces with a huge roaring scream and Camille almost passed out. Megan, upon noticing it wasn't me, blushed and ran into her room to find her phone and try to find out where I actually was. She comes down the hall and says she has a story for me. I almost died when she told me I was laughing so hard.


When I got home Cam was walking out of her room and I just started giggling. "I'm so sorry Megan almost killed you earlier." She just laughed and said, "I always hear you doing it to each other and think 'One of these times they're going to think it's the other and it'll be me'" And then she laughed. It's a good thing she has a sense of humor.

Tonight when she got in the shower I ran back into my room when I heard it go off so as not to make her think I was trying to give her deja vu. Hahahah.


  1. Funny stuff, I actually laughed out loud. And it's so true Lindsi is easy to scare.

  2. that is so you. by the way, ben does it to me as well. he loves that I nearly pee myself when he jumps out at me

  3. That's funny, but be careful, scare the wrong person and the fight instead of flight instinct will kick in. Then it's TROUBLE.

  4. I found your blog from your facebook page. This is a good story... I just might get Megan back one of these days. But don't tell her. Unless she reads this.


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