megan and i should be models.

May 24, 2008

Megan and I decided to have a photo shoot.
Best. Idea. Ever.
Cuz we're fun.

my hottie roommate.
she's recently gotten the black hair and i think it looks SMOKIN'.
plus i love that she's rockin the froggy clip.

we bought cheapo sundresses at walmart
--and she looks great in hers.

lookin all shock-ed.

she has such a pretty classic look.
she went all summery whereas...

i went a little edgier.
(my cheeky/coy look)

my hair and eyeliner were OUT OF CONTROL.
and i loved it way more than i think i should.

my dad says i take too many pictures of myself.
he may be right.
and i love to make faces in them, too.

sometimes i love my face.
i might have an ego...just a little.

i honestly think everyone should think they're awesome.
i love my little dimple on the right.
and my freakin CrAZy hair.
there was so much hairspray in there.

i love this picture of me and megan.

she is so stunning.
i'd pick that up at the beach.
hayyy babayyyy.


megan actually just snapped this one when i looked over at her.
catch the funkified hair.

my eyes look fiercely green.
dani and i make fun of the kissy face-peace sign pictures.
so i couldn't resist.

another of megan's handiwork.
we might as well be on America's Next Top Model.
cycle 11--provo meets manhattan.


  1. hahha.. Yes, best idea ever. So priceless.

  2. Yes, I still think you like being in front of the camera. Remind me why you didn't want to be a reporter????


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