I want to be 5 years old again.

May 30, 2008

When having black-bottomed feet was socially acceptable because you were not the only one who was walking around barefoot.

When a job was something your mom and dad had, not something you quickly needed to find in order to maintain living in America.

When naps were a thing your parents forced upon you, not something that you guiltily took pleasure in.

When school work consisted of 2+2 or 4+5, not "Please explain why journalism is important to society and why the deterioration of the newspaper is the catalyst to a lost documentation of history." in 12 pages.

When it was socially (and professionally) acceptable to paint all your nails a different color.

When you thought you were so clever and a little rebellious for getting away calling something stupid or for saying shut up....and when the worst four letter word you knew was dumb.

When love was simple and that boy who spit in your face was obviously crushin hard core. When loving someone was easy and uncomplicated and you knew you wanted to be around them forever and that life with them would be one giant jungle gym.

When being someone's Best Friend was as simple as asking and then making sure your parents arranged playdates (sometimes much to their chagrin).

When dress-up was a game and mom's jewelry was always the perfect accessory.

When makeup was a novelty, not a requirement.

When crayons were the writing tool, not just something you kept hidden in your craft drawer waiting for the right occasion.

When a popsicle and day at the pool were commonplace, not something fleeting.

When Jackson Pollock was cool because he got to do things with paint that your mom wouldn't let you.

When playing soccer, doing ballet and gymnastics, playing the piano and still being a bookworm made you cool, not separated or classified you as a certain type of person.

When life was simpler and, ironically, all you wanted to do was grow up.


  1. You've been tagged :) See my blog for the questions.

  2. I completely understand and agree! PS - I want details on you might be coming to Vegas!!

  3. i think that some things you do must have rubbed-off on me...mainly that I am the only one at home who loves to walk around barefoot!!!


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