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May 5, 2008

Okay so I thought I already wrote this but looking at my blog I basically suck at posting. Well meeting David Beckham really was a dream come true. It was great. He was very courteous, is extremely talented (he had 2 goals--the only 2 for his team) and...oh FILTHY GOOD LOOKING. (and he has amazing teeth, quite the feat for a British man.)

What else has happened lately...well work has started back up and I love it more than I even remembered. Only producing one day a week has led me to become even more passionate about it. I am almost to the point where I can do this with my eyes closed. And tape editing is awesome.

My internship is interesting. I love working with my friend Callie. She is seriously one of the most hilarious human beings I've ever met. She's fun and adorable and makes being there even more bearable because we have a great time together. Plus she's like the most stylish person I've ever met.

Life is pretty good. I'd love for it to finally get warm in Provo. That'd be nice. Oh well.

Oh and giving up sugar for the summer....I now dream about eating whole VATS of cookie dough or frosting on a regular basis. But thus far I have been INCREDIBLY successful in not eating any. Now if I could just motivate my lazy butt to go running more often.

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