And tonight I'm dreaming of all the things that we've been through

Apr 14, 2008

I'm sitting here on the floor of a condo in super sunny Las Vegas, listening to a snoring boy. I should be at RTNDA (A Broadcaster's conference), but instead my mind just keeps observing, over playing the events of the past 24 hours.

It's beautiful here, it's filthy here, it's hot, it's fun, it's tiring. Palm Trees mixed with real trees (not that palm trees are in any way less of a tree), I could love that. I do love that. It's so flippin hot here. It feels good. I already got a little bit of a sun burn. (Side note, the "l" key on Rachel's computer types 2 "l"s and it's driving me nuts.) Rural Las Vegas is gorgeous. Pretty houses, condos, apartments. The strip on the other hand was an entirely new experience and one I'm still slightly wary of repeating. While beautiful in it's own right I may have developed lung cancer from the direct secondhand smoke (right to my face), an unhealthy body image because of all the strippers and show girls, and a gambling problem directly correlating to my fondness for the ding ding ding of casino slot machines (don't worry, mom, I haven't actually touched one.). But the water show at the Bellagio was BEAUTIFUL, and the gardens inside were magnificent. I used to not think I cared about plants, well, I love flowers. Especially tulips. And the Hoover Dam was also quite the adventure. (For Kirsten: it was a lot of dam fun.)

Then last night we (Brett, Rachel, Kim and I) went and walked around the Vegas temple. The view there was astounding. It's such a gorgeous temple. Palm trees everywhere, flowers, fountains. It was so wonderful.

After we got back to the condo I was still really hot, so I wanted to take a walk. Well, naturally, Brett came with me, as did our friends Marco and Austin. We walked through the neighborhood next to ours, and into the park behind the condos. There were a bunch of skateboarders there and we watched them do tricks for a while. I've always wanted to have the courage to do things like that. I even remember saying to Brett, as we discussed the propensity for injury, that it was almost worth it because what's life if you don't feel it every once and a while--this coming from the girl who has injured herself far too many times to count. Well, Brett is not as 'daring' as me--nor as stupid. Well, we forgot the keys to get back into the condo complex and instead of walking back around some geniuses (Marco and myself) suggested just climbing the fence. So, Brett, apparently trying to take the advice I had so willingly given out, decided to try it first while the rest of us walked on. Well, a few seconds and a tipped over trash barrel later, I realized homeboy can't climb a fence. Blood everywhere. He sliced his fingers and I was on my way to the hospital for my first time in 2008. Well, being inordinately close as we are, I was the one to sit with him through everything. Everyone thought we were married (ask me for some of the funny stories about this detail). Four hours --we got home at 4:45am--17 stitches, a closed artery, and several shots later we were ready to be discharged. He's going to have to get surgery to reconnect the tendon in his middle finger so that'll be interesting. I get to be the one to drive back to Provo. He doesn't get to go golfing...and he can barely function right now. Luckily none of this is new to me, and I've been on both medications he's on so I know how to curb his nausea. We'll see how the rest of the day goes with this.

So that's my interesting Vegas experience so far. Dams, strippers, burgers, casinos, church, temple and ER. Sounds about right. Hah.


  1. Funny I should come across your blog right now. I'm at the moment drafting my version of some of the same events.

    If I ever go back (more like when) I'll plan the Vegas adventure a lot better. I didn't really get to do any of the things I'd hoped, but the convention was great.

    Don't let strippers give you a complex. They have the image problem, it shouldn't be contagious.

    I loved the heat too. Loved it.

    Hope Brett's mangled fingers are quickly on the mend. Good job nursing him to health.

  2. Why did you change the background color?

    I love reading your blog. I hope that you will post more.


  3. Wow...That seems like a good description of Vegas, lol--pure insanity. I miss you.


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