Things I'm grateful for right now

Mar 14, 2008

rascal flatts, my computer, the internet, chap stick, knee braces, my pink sweatshirt, food, my great friends, my major, a fun job, the fact that i get to sleep in in the morning, my disneyland mug, dry erase markers, naps on the couch, my friends, my friends, my ROCK AWESOME friends, good things utah, pi day, song lyrics that make you think of people you love, brittany allsop--my partner in internship crime, cheezits, magnetic fridge letters, baseball hats, alexis' craziness and the fact that i come to work on friday to hang out with her, emma--i miss that girl, intramural basketball games, america's best dance crew, old friends, the hello kitty sheets my sister gave me that remind me of her, the fact that i'm a little homesick, my internship, living with megan this summer, blogging, my adorable little brother, my red sox t-shirt, senior year, adventures, pancakes, disneyland, learning to play hard to get, the fact that i have so many clothes, groceries, prescription medication, curfew, baby gap, and so many others.

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