Snipets from some of my favorite conversations lately:

Mar 5, 2008

Mikaela: Are you going to move back here when you graduate?
Me: I'm not sure. Maybe.
Mikaela: Because you could totally get a job out here. Like, you could work at Dairy Queen.
Me: Haha. Mikaela, I'm going to have a college degree. I think I can work somewhere better than Dairy Queen.
Mikaela: You're right. You can probably work at somewhere really nice. Like Acapulco's.
Me: Hahaha. Okay. You're right. Or I could work at a TV station.
Mikaela: But those are so far away. And why would you want to work somewhere weird like that?

Myles: no she has been at home. but [he] has been with her 28/7. that's 4 extra hours a day!

Brett: Please bless that we can go.

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