Dear First Day of Spring,

Mar 21, 2008

Dear Sunshine,
I've missed you. I'm so very glad you've come back to grace me with your rays. Here's to a long and prosperous (and tan) friendship this year.

Dear Best Friend,
Today I remembered just exactly why you remain my favorite. And why I need you in my life. Thanks for the tiny reminder. ♥

Dear Pancakes,
I love breakfast food. And despite the too hot pan, you still hit the spot. Thanks for being a delicious concoction.

Dear Couch,
Thanks for all of our quality time lately. Mostly in the form of the ever elusive nap. It was so wonderful to spend so much time with you. I'm regaining my love for your squishy self. You're almost as good as my bed.

Dear Blondie (not the band),
You are a bum. I still can't quite figure out what you're thinking or why you thought you could hide that fact from me. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal. But the fact that you hid it makes it worse. "Friends tell". Jerk.

Dear Dating Abilities,
I've been told I need to work on developing part of you. I think it's true. Please come quickly. I'm floundering. And starting to get senior scare. That, mixed with spring fever, is never a good thing. Let's see if we break tradition this year. I still have a week....

Dear Emotions,
Let's get you back on an even keel. That would be helpful. I understand the vast array of reasons you're so volatile lately (you are my emotions after all)...but I'd like if it could get back to normal-ish again.

Dear Future,
I'm kind of afraid of you. And what you bring. And what you make me leave behind. And the prospects before me. Let's work on this. Let's begin to agree...soon.

Dear Family,
I miss you a lot today. I'm really home sick. I love you all.

Dear ABC4,
I'm excited for Good Things Utah. It may sound silly, but this is just what I've been waiting for...for years.

Dear gchat,
I love you. LOVE. Thanks for making my life more fun.

Dear camping and strawberry limeaids and star filled nights and cool breezes,
I can't wait. I can almost taste summer adventures. Mmmmm.

Dear other halves,
Why did we never live together before this semester? I love you girls so freaking much. Here's to many many more memories.

Dear Secondhand Serenade and Jimmy Eat World,
You capture emotions and thoughts of mine lately much more accurately and eloquently than I've been able to. Thanks. There are few things like when you find the right song to match your day/mood/thought process.


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  2. come back blogger!


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