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Feb 11, 2008

Date & Time: 102.
Soundage: so close--jon mclaughlin
Action: midterms
Reaction: powerpoints and microsoft notes.

Dear Lehi Boy,
You're nuts. You don't want to marry me. Well, maybe you do. But that's beside the point. You need to make more of an effort if you're really serious about this. I'm sick of words. Really sick of words. With Eliza Doolittle I cry out: "Words, Words, Words/ I'm so sick of words/ I get words all day through/ First from him now from you/ Is that all you blighters can do?"

Dear Condo boy,
I really like you. And I hope you like me.
And I wish you didn't think I was asleep.

Dear Newbie,
Hahahaha. You are so not really into me but it's funny to see that you think you are. You are such a flirt and I think you think I'm all about this. That's funny.

Dear Future Mr. Lindsi Nielsen,
Get on the ball and come find my wonderful, gorgeous, amazing roommate. She needs you to show up soon and she totally deserves you and she is completely great and you're going to be one lucky man. I'm thinking her way to you. =]

Dear Pants,
Hahaha. You made me laugh super duper hard. Oh man. You're hott but you need to be replaced. And bad. And soon.

Dear Lyndsi Shae,
I care about you a lot. I am glad we are (kindergarten) friends.

Dear School,
You suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck. The end. Please be nice to me.

Dear Rascal Flatts,
24 days. yessssss.

Dear Lindsi,
You Vitamin Water taunting whore. Haha. That's it. I'm going to pummel you in your sleep. And then drink the rest. And make her modest. Unlike her hussy owner. You heard me.

Dear BYU Parking,
I like you today. The end. Thanks for being nice.

Dear Daddy,
You are missed more than you know.

Dear Miki,
I heard your voicemail today and almost cried.

Dear Brothers,

Dear Mommy,
I miss you. Lots. I just saw you but I miss you still.

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