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Feb 20, 2008

Date & Time: one fifty four ay ehm....and ten fifty six ay em....
Soundage: Devil Wears Prada
Action: Idaho Falls
Reaction: Diet Coke, Bird Earrings and Nail Polish
Dear Brett,
It's funny to me to try describe this...this feeling inside me. This asdkljasdkljasd inside me. I feel like I need to learn a whole new vocabulary...a more eloquent or articulate way of communicating...because the words I know (though many) are just not adequate enough. As I sit here thinking about how to tell you about how I feel for you John Mayer comes on the radio urging "Say what you need to say." I sit here and stare at these words of Emerson, wondering if in all his audacity and his eloquence--his articulation if he ever had to tell someone how deeply he cared about them and how he then did it. I'm no Emerson (surely) but nevertheless I care. Deeply. Simply. And I need to tell you.

This is the counsel I received last night from Elder Ballard (via the Ensign):
"Fear can make us run away from things—things like setting and achieving goals, developing relationships, or becoming the people we know we should become. Sometimes fear can even paralyze us to the point that we don’t even try." if that isn't intervention...I don't know what is.
And it became even more evident this afternoon. Open up the Book of Mormon, flip around a few pages, read this in the margin: "Answers to prayer--> must act." Okay. I think I'm starting to get the point.

And I hate midterms. It'd be nice if they'd be over. Dumb Salt Lake Class.
But my time on the way to Salt Lake--great distraction.

And my dad lectured me today (via email) for things that he thought I did that he either a) didn't understand, or b) didn't have the whole story or right details on. It made me kinda upset. I didn't deserve it, nor was it really merited. That sucks.

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