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Feb 6, 2008

Date & Time: 9:56 en el noche.
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Yesterday began kinda crap-tastic-ly. Not only did I feel like the fatness, I then proceeded to fly (not my choice) down a flight of cement stairs and onto a mountain of ice at the bottom. I have officially bruised my rear end somethin' fierce and have been sore ever since.

Then my show was not at all like I expected it was going to be. (It was not a good news day for our whole team.) Graphics didn't work the way they should have: Maddie was "partly sunny" the entire time, Brett's sports tease was also "partly sunny". I had a more difficult time finding the line between stepping on toes and being too aloof with my first class producer. Sports got cut off in a not very nice way and way earlier than Brett expected, and then the next break didn't work and we had to come back early. There was crap communication throughout the whole show. I vow to never let that happen again. It was crap-tastic.

I also fell asleep in my night class during the most interesting part of the whole lecture--the guest part. I was so upset with myself. I really didn't mean to fall asleep. I just never sleep enough and I'm up WICKED early on...everyday.

My "best friend" was being needy. And ended up being fairly mean to me for the rest of the entire night (even post the experience to follow). That sucked. And I'm done with it. No more Ms. Nice Chiquita. Yeah, I just went Spanish on y'all.

Then it was time for me to go to the basketball game. That was better. I was having fun and I was with someone I love spending time with. And it was just fun to be somewhere totally not my element and still have a lot of fun. Plus I made a cute little 5 year old friend (she was the coache's daughter). She taught me all about fairy godmothers and princesses. She was adorable. The game went well. I did a crap job interviewing players (it would have helped to know more than just "hey ya won" or "so you're undefeated" or "you're the point leader of the do you feel about that?" duh...good, maybe?. ugh.).

But the best part of my night came in an unexpected manner from an unexpected source. (no, this is not some mushfest story about a boy...well, not in the "in love" kind of way.) As we waited for the winning team to finish up in the locker room we watched a group of little kids "play" basketball. In my surveying of the scene one little boy in particular stole my heart completely away. There stood this little boy no more than 5. His little brother was tossing the ball around and dribbling and he just stood there watching. His brother laid the basketball at his feet and ran off to chase a group of kids bent on making their own fun. You could see the elation that spread across this little boy's face as he looked at that ball. His (I'm assuming) mom bent down and picked up the ball and they both walked to the middle of the key and positioned themselves. Then his mom scrunched down, handed him the ball and grabbed his braces and held them as this little boy began so desperately to shoot the basketball and have a semblance of a normal childhood for this short span of time. His little disease infused body starkly contrasted the sheer ecstasy his face conveyed. This little boy, crutches and all has completely stolen my heart. The sheer miracle of his chance to play basketball and the joy it fed into his soul inspires me and melted my own jaded heart. I love this little boy and I don't even know who he is. I sat and watched him for the next ten-or-so minutes with my heart growing and softening minute by minute. So, to that little boy from the Provo/Orem area, I say thank you. Thank you for reminding this stressed out girl that life, simply, is wonderful. And that despite my worries about my future and about my abilities to care for people, I would be lucky to have a little boy just like you. Luckier than I would ever have known before. ♥

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