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Feb 5, 2008

Date and Time: Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2008.
Soundage: newsroom chatter
Action: sore sore sore butt and assignment desk
Reaction: wheat thins and hopes of a cute boy sighting

dear alarm clock,
i wish you weren't so easy to turn off. i would be on time to work if that wasn't the case. dang.

dear megan,
you paid me one of the biggest compliments the other day. "you date guys that are so less hott than you." haha. thanks. i'm glad someone has confidence in the way i look and how i should feel about things. you are such a blessing in my life and i absolutely love that you're my roommate. it's something that has become very apparent to me in the past few weeks. i can't wait for all the remaining time we have together and i'm really sad it's only this long. but i love you tons.

dear boy,
i think you're finally getting your act together. that's super great. here's to hoping it plays out well cuz i really like you.

dear rascal flatts,

this is going to happen to my life soon. i can't wait!! i'm seriously so terribly excited, i'm already planning on buying a cowgirl hat just for this occasion. oh and the company for the shared memory should be GREAT. mmmm. march 7th. best. day. ever.

dear belly fat,
ewwww. we're going to have to work on you more. especially since the boys in my life seem particularly intent on making you a prominent and permanent part of my life with what they're feeding me. but i hate you and want you gone. the end. so sayonara suckers.

dear school,
i don't care anymore. and that's a problem. please stop having so much reading. i want to have fun. this is how i feel about you:

dear bed,
you're too appealing. i just want to spend all my time with you. and that's just not allowed. soon, though, i promise. we'll spend some quality time together.

i don't know what i'm going to do when i have to grow up and leave. that sucks. i just want to be able to talk to you forever and ever. and ever.
oh, and thanks for always turning off my light. one day we'll get a real night's sleep.

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