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Jan 9, 2008

This is totally my response to Lindsi for her post...But I thought it might just be hilarious and great.

The Ode to My Roommate (who oded to me)

Lindsi--Astrology ain't got nothin to do with it, baybay. I know I've told you that I freaked out that we were going to freak you out, but turns out you're just as freaky as we are....well, at least as I am. If we ever live together again...we're going to need our own storage unit... And if the desk doesn't consume you in your sleep...the printer lights might. You know, very few people would say to me "Let's go watch Ninja Turtles in our room" (and be as awesome as you are on a routine basis). Even if we weren't complete soulmates before, the Ninja Turtle/Batman/Goofy Movie love solidified it. I'm figuring we have plenty of adventures left in our future...of which I'm terribly excited. And I'm kind of excited to see just what each of us can accomplish in our half asleep daze...so far we've been spectacular. And that we can (and do) quote Divine Comedy to and with each other. Chicken Corbin Blue? And thanks for listening to my multitudes of crazy Myles and Siovhan stories as well as all my wonderful anecdotes about the other boys I frequently enjoy. And our fashion revolution. Move over Twiggy. =]


  1. I just noticed my link on the right ... love it! PJs and Sunday clothes rule!

  2. siovannnnnnnnn I had a memory or you today! Thought you should know.

  3. I love youuuuuuuu.
    I'm in my pajamas just thinkin about you. I rocked some shavondah original ear rings last night... just thought you should know you've made it to the big time in my life.
    I just want you to come over.
    My sister gets to come tomorrow mornin!
    Love love love
    Lyndsi Shae


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