You always said destiny would blow me away...

Dec 20, 2007

DATE AND TIME: 11:50...i'm still so tired...
SOUNDAGE: how i go--yellowcard (and natalie maines)
ACTION: the last of finals...
REACTION: headphones and paper writing.

2 DAYS. oh my crap.

two days from now i will be on a plane going home. finally. i seriously believe i've never needed to go home as much as i do right now.

oh man, though, it's been a great 24 excerpt from my Dear Life:

Dear best friend,
Thank you for being so forgiving of my mouth.
Thanks for laughing with, at and about me. Thanks for listening to me vent and rant and just overall freak-out. Thanks for listening to me over analyze or under estimate everything. Thanks for finally giving me the clarity I need. Thanks for loving me. Thanks for watching out for me and taking care of me. hanks for the music. Thanks for the confidence in me. hanks for telling me that next year I'll be intimidating...and believing it will be true. Thanks for holding me. Thanks for constantly teaching me exactly what I need to learn. Thanks for shaking up my life and helping me to realize things about the world and myself. Thanks for being you. I love you. (and, fyi, you can say i love you back and i won't freak out...promise.) Oh, and let's go to Hawaii. Seriously.

Oh and thanks for calling me all the's going to be a long fun break. Haha.

Dear Drive from the airport,
I might be in love with you. It makes me think of the Dr Cox quote from Scrubs: "...This moment is so great that I would cheat on that other moment with it, marry it, and raise a family of tiny little moments..." You helped reinstate normalcy, clarity and peace. You helped to reestablish a bond that needed some mending. You helped us both to realize how lost we both are in life...and why that might make us need each other more. I love you. Gosh. And hello, you solidified the bond of Something Corporate--and that, my friend, is a lasting bond.

Dear Sister Goff,
Thanks for having enough faith in my abilities to hire me. I'm terribly excited. It's gonna be good. I promise. I just...7 am? Dang. That's gonna be dedication. But this Exec Producer will be there. Promise.

Dear toe-head,
Lyndsi Shae will make fun of me for saying this but let's just fall in love. Okay? Sound good? I had so much fun the other was just what I needed. And what I want to need more of. Oh and by the way....Happy Hanukkah.

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