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Nov 16, 2007

DATE AND TIME: 5:45pm.
SOUNDAGE: christian bale's glorious voice as my wonderful laurie.
ACTION: paper research and waiting for work.
REACTION: diet coke. oh heck yes.

I hate this paper. I'm beginning to hate my English class. It's been so long since I've had to write something not editorial-ish that it's really difficult for me now. I hate trying to find the line between persuasive and research paper. And writing this illegal immigration paper--as a group paper--with differing ideas is extremely difficult. I'm already catching nuances of my own republicanism coming out.

That noise. That effing noise. I really want to take a sledge hammer and kill that piece of technology. Smash it piece to piece to piece...Wiley Coyote style. I swear if she gets one more text message I'm going to start text messaging myself while she's asleep. Don't ask me how I'm going to accomplish that....but I will find a way. I'm that passionate about it.

I'm sitting here waiting. For basketball. Whoever thought that day would come? Haha. Actually my basketball conversion is happening slowly but surely. (Thanks Myles and Brett.) It was funny, I had three separate people mention this week my tendency to hang out with the sports guys. I think that's where I'll most likely always fit in. My dad saw my application for Oprah's magazine and one of the areas was fashion and he just laughed. It's not because he's trying to get down on me, but because that's never been my forte--ask my roommates, I have to constantly ask if things I'm wearing look alright. Hahah. But I love that little part of my soul. The part that can keep up with most sports conversations and shock everyone around me. I hate very few things more than a girl who loves football just to impress the boys. I love football because I love to see a large man bash into another--personal fouls are for pansies. (I think that makes me a mean person). ...K. I'm yeah. It was a great game. We kicked the TRASH out of them.

My hair is I either want it longer (faster) or to chop it all off. My hair looks good either longer or super short. I covet the Deputy Press Secretary's hair cut. Yes, I'm that big of a nerd. If I looked like that...he and I would fall in LOVE. ...My boy life has become a serious mess. Not mess in a bad way, but mess as in a confusing mess. I'm finally learning how easy it is to fall for your best friends. I'm also really bad at decisions.

I want to shake my butt so bad. And this, my friends, is why they don't let me educate young minds...

I swear I'll write more later, but for now I'm SUPER tired. honestly beat.

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