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Oct 30, 2007

Dear Siovhan,
This is your final year at BYU. And It's the beginning of November, meaning it's starting to be burnout time. Life always has it's difficulties, and it always has it's long days. Here are a few things (in no real particular order) to remember when life gets a little tough.

  • Faith is the precursor to everything. Faith is an action verb.
  • You do not need a boy to validate you.
  • You decide your mood--you can be happy when you want.
  • Emotions are just that. They include the word "motion" because they fluctuate.
  • Just because things change from day to day does not need to send you in a downward spiral...have some hope. And patience.
  • Be happy with who you are and other people will be happy with you, too.
  • Don't use boys. You don't want to be that girl.
  • Manual labor is not to be done in heels.
  • Bruising easily does not mean you get to whine. Suck it up.
  • Laugh. A lot. At yourself. With others. It makes things easier to cope through.
  • Work is important, but school is more important.
  • Keep in touch with your professors: they write your recommendation letters.
  • Diet coke is great. But it does not need to be your lifeblood.
  • A clean room makes it easier to get things done and to find things.
  • Cramming only works if you studied beforehand.
  • Sleeping is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
  • You waste $25 every day of class you skip. Think of all the shoes you could get.
  • Friends are important....sometimes more important than school.
  • School is important....sometimes more important than friends.
  • Education does not come solely from formal lectures....but all arenas of life.
  • Be gracious. Little notes can make a world of difference in someone's life.
  • Not all girls are horrible. Some of them are amazing. Give them a chance.
  • Be a good friend to your friends.
  • Going to sleep at a reasonable time is not a sign of's a sign of independence.
  • Read your scriptures, don't just skim them. Reading/studying them gets you far and nothing is more boring than skimming King James English....
  • Learn when to make quick decisions...but not rash ones.
  • Remember how far you've come and how hard it was. Don't digress.
  • Stick to your guns. It's not a bad thing to stick to decisions you've made before.
  • "Love all. Trust few. Do wrong to no one."--Shakespeare.
  • Meet new people. Don't get too complacent in your bubble.
  • Go to devotional. It really does make a difference in your life.
  • Disregard what everyone else on campus might see most of them for 5 seconds anyway.
  • Getting caught in the rain is not always a bad thing.
  • Learn to sing in the shower again.
  • Clean shaven legs really will remain one of the greatest feelings out there.
  • Being a good conversationalist is not just saying the right thing at the right time, but leaving unsaid the wrong thing at the most tempting moment.
  • Keep in touch with people. No matter how busy you are.
  • Your roommates don't have to be your best friends....but they can be.
  • Always remember how much you love reading.
  • Peel yourself away from the computer screen sometimes....homework is more important than Facebook.
  • Tell people that you love them. Often.
  • Sometimes you have to be the smiling face in the hall.
  • Don't just order God around the universe. Ask Him to order you.
  • Do a good job at work. They'll remember. And they'll be impressed.
  • Disney movies are the lifeblood of America.
  • Sometimes it pays off to invest in something.
  • Sometimes it pays off to invest in someone.
  • Sometimes that someone is yourself.
  • Remember that members of the church across the globe have invested in your future.
  • There is a difference between being a flirt and being a hussy. And there's also a difference between being a flirt and being a tease.
  • Take risks.
  • Play the piano more.
  • Marry off fewer roommates. Hahah.
  • Remember the value of consistent, real scripture study.
  • Laugh more.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously.
  • Don't kiss random boys.
  • Have confidence.
  • Don't be too aggressive in playing the field.
  • Call your dad.
  • Call Mikaela.
Remember that you're worth more than you often give yourself credit for. Keep the good times in your memory reserves for the days that are hard and long and just don't seem worth it. Remember the principles upon which you have based your entire life. Remember the people who have invested time in you and the people who think you are worth everything in the world. Lean on them and keep moving forward. One day the destination will be really in sight.


Character is the manifestation of what you are becoming. Strong moral character results from consistent correct choices in the trials and testing of life.
--Richard G. Scott

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