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Oct 12, 2007

THE DAY: Fridayyyyyy...Oct. 12th.
THE TIME: Cuatro tres seis.
THE NOISE: You Belong To Me--Jason Wade
THE MOMENT: Butterflies in my tummy, smile on my face and apple cider in my heart.

My water bottle smells like creamsicles. I love that lip gloss. And I even tried so hard not to get it all over the bottle...oh well. Foiled again. Hah.

I am so mushy and happy inside. I hate myself a little bit for it. But I seriously have butterflies.

I love fall. But I miss the trees so bad. I love fall for everything. The temperature, the smells, the views, the change. It's so funny, as a summer baby, you'd think I'd love summer but I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall. I like spring, but I love fall. I'm so excited to make the pumpkin pancakes my mom sent me the recipe for. Oh it's gonna be good...pumpkin pancakes with apple I'm just making myself all hot and bothered. HAHAHA.

And I am the proud new owner of a gorgeous toolbelt. Now I know you are all questioning the reasons why a small blonde girl would need a tool belt. Well, my friends, it's because my roommates soulmates and I are going as construction workers for Halloween. Oh yes. We almost went as High School Musical fanatics, but decided on construction when we saw the flannel.

And it's happening again...the subconscious montaging of moments that have happened, might happen or moments I wish would happen. Awww. The life of a geek.

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