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Oct 3, 2007

So an update on my toenail because I know you are waiting on baited breath (I actually had to explain that expression to someone the other day--that makes me fear for the literacy of the nation). I figured out why it is falling/fell off. When I started running again (like a good girl) my old running shoes were too tight and gave me a grand bruise on my toe. I didn't think much of it until my toenail started looking loose a month or so ago. And then this week it decided to fall off. Lovely. It's sick.

I feel like I'm drowning this week. I got my one Engl 312 paper back and I didn't do as well on it as I had hoped I would. Actually, I wasn't really surprised seeing as I figured out, after arriving in class, that I'd done the assignment pretty wrong. And the paper I passed in yesterday is totally a B paper. So as of right now I have a solid B+ in that class. Suck. Oh well. I just feel so overwhelmed by all the reading, etc. I have to catch up on. I'm seriously an expert procrastinator (who would have thought?! ha.). And I have little motivation to do the reading seeing as that's all it is at this point. English has papers due, Bio has assignments, Production has Lab (yay Fridays!), Public Policy will eventually have the White House simulation (all 2 times), and 239 has 2 media journals....and a bunch of READING quizzes. ALL IT IS IS READING! Gosh. I love recreational reading, but I'm sick of reading things that are already covered in class. It's just busy work in my mind.

I different than the person I used to be. I'm not sure whether or not it's a good thing so far. I am so pleased with many of the changes but now it seems that I'm a person whose life is dictated by schedules more than it is by options or fun. ...I think that's what I've been trying to regain these past few weeks. My "senioritis" has kicked in because I can't handle being a grown-up. I'm sure every adult's life feels like it's dictated by others more than themselves every so often, otherwise we'd all be happy all the time. I'm just ready for school to be done. More so, I just need to find the balance between fun and responsibility.

I want to go back to this. This is fall.
Wow. Sorry for the slightly melancholy post thus far. I will cheer up. No worries. It's POST SEASON RED SOX today. That's cause enough. And we won. EVEN BETTER.

It's funny just how situations and friendships and relationships change over time. It's funny how people you have known forever somehow develop into really close friends or former close friends change into mere acquaintances. I love getting to know people better.

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