I like that boulder. That is a NICE boulder.

Oct 28, 2007

THE TIME: 12:39
THE SOUND: ksl 5 news at noon.
THE PLACE: sitting on the couch smashing my head into the couch....
THE MOMENT: shock, shock and more shock. [various reasons]

it has been a good weekend. one of those weekends you write home about. or, in my case, call your mother and chat for hours and hours about. ...that will happen later this afternoon.


i love my friends. i absolutely love them. oh my gosh. it's one of those times where i just sit and think of all the reasons they're so great. i've had so much fun this weekend. from lunch on friday...to dinner that same night. sitting and talking at the car...to one tree hill marathon. from game day 1, 2, 3 and 4!!!!!!!!!!!! to dancin' around like an idiot with 3 of my favorite girls. from threatening the yankees fan to smashing the rockies to smithereens. from falling asleep for the 9,473,635,736th time during a movie to the fact that lyndsi stayed. from vaguely remembering the clacking of keys in my sleep to the 3 hour conversation that followed. papelon dancing and world trade center on the projector. the cops coming over last night to steph and my new earrings. walking around macey's taste testing everything to consistent drinking of cherry limeades. to melissa admitting she wants to buy a red sox hat to her suggesting we do a red sox pumpkin tonight at fhe. from my construction worker costume to the boys dancing around singing newsies. to developments last night to....even more developments later.

i want to papelbon dance with steph for forever. i want to sit and laugh and eat ice cream with lyndsi. i want to watch brooklyn and stephy j. down an entire carton of ice cream. i want to talk about movies, and art, and stupid things with baird. i want to laugh at matty strutting his stuff. i want to watch ty dance. i want to laugh and smile and cuddle and sudoku with david. i want to nightly chat with myles. i want to cuddle in the same bed watching movie after movie after movie with melissa and molly. i want to "superbed" with my roommates. i want to run and scream and jump in puddles and dance and catch snow on my tongue and laugh and live and love these people FOREVER.

Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always.

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