Confessions of a blonde

Oct 31, 2007

I had a friend tell me the other day that "blondes catch your eye initially...but brunettes last." As a blonde I'm kinda offended by this. I've always known there was some sort of stigma against blondes and that either we're looked at as stupid, cheap or just surface level fun. This is so not okay with me. Yes, I am a bit of a tease. I think I've always been this way, though. I've had so many authority figures in my life tell me I'm a charmer and that it's either going to get me into trouble or it's going to get me far. Thus far in my life, it's been both. Sometimes it's far into trouble. =] Now I'm not saying being a blonde is bad and I'm certainly not trying to rag on the brunettes, I just thought it was an interesting observance. And one that I've seen affect people before...inciting girls to dye their hair darker (certainly not the only reason in our Utah-bred sea of bleach blondes). It makes me contemplate it...though I don't know if I'd ever really be a brunette...I am a blonde. Then it makes me wonder of the truthfulness of this statement. Not that I don't believe this particular boy is being honest (I've met several of his brunette girlfriends), but it almost makes me wonder if it's more me asking the question or if it's the true answer. [Insert insecurity here.] There are several of my guy friends who say they prefer brunettes, but there are also several who say they have no preference. Is it just because, especially out here, the real blondes are so overshadowed by the masses of fake-and-bake, bleach blonde kids who wish oh-so-desperately they were from California? Or is it just because lately that's what it seems like and I'm just more sensitive because I'm not a brunette?

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