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Oct 2, 2007

So I think my toenail is falling off. Seriously. I started having problems with it after I started running again...I don't know what to do about it. It's really really weird. At least it's time for me to stop wearing sandals all the time, so at least that is an upside.

So I had a lunch today with one of my favorite boys. Man, he is wonderful. It was nice to have time to talk and just laugh. It was funny how little we really know each other (seeing we've known each other about a year and a half) and the things we learned about each other--like that I don't like rice pudding or mushrooms because of a weird texture thing I have...and that he doesn't like apples because he hates crunching into them. He is so cute and so blonde with such piercing blue eyes. Oh man. He's a cutie.

I'm sitting here...with insomnia...watching Friends and waiting to go take a shower. I love Friends. ....and I already watched Princess Diaries 2 twice today. CUTEST date scene ever. EVER. Oh man.

I bought a new shirt today. To go with my new jeans that finally came. Man, do those babies need to be hemmed. Super bad. Like 6 inches. I'm such a midget. But thankfully they look least I hope. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow. I love that color.

Well, I probably should get back to my reading. ....I hate school right now. A lot.

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  1. Girl, rock that raunch toe-nail. In the name of summer, do not give up your sandals yet. Bare feet and summer shoes must live on!

    Also, I was up late watchin a movie by myself and writin in my blog too, only it was last night. I am almost ashamed to admit that, but not really on account of we're friends and I'm pretty sure you get it. Plus my body doesnt know how to sleep before 4 AM anymore, kinda like an owl. I love you.


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