There are certain people you just keep coming back to...

Sep 8, 2007

Things I love right now (and need consistent reminding of):
1. Best friends. In all meanings of the word. The ones that I am closest to, as well as the others who seem to be the best friends ever. They make life so much easier to bear, and so much more fun as well.
2. Coincidental radio songs. "The only thing that could make this better would be 'Stronger.'" And then it's on the radio. Same with the Fray song, 'All At Once.' I love these little...happinesses.
3. Front row joe, aka. the very closest parking spot.
4. My professor's blog. Seriously, it's so refreshing to be able to discuss such intelligent ideas and express our opinions on world news, journalism, etc. Plus he's doing Fantasy Congress. This man is my favorite.
5. Confidence. I love when people are comfortable with themselves and able to just own the room. It's amazing.
6. Awkwardness...not all the times, but sometimes it does spurn better writing material for me. As it did yesterday after several awkward situations:
Dear Danielle Cooper,

It is our duty to inform you that your Best Friend, Siovhan Lorelle Bolton, has died from awkwardness. This rare disease can prove to be fatal in people as socially integrated as Siovhan. Her belongings were left in the newsroom of the Brimhall building, among which are her self esteem, her dignity, and her hope for a normal relationship.

The male population of BYU.
7. Amanda's and my new room set up. Seriously, with the TV and DVD player in here....there is a high chance I will never again leave my room.
8. My classes. Not necessarily the times for all of them but the classes themselves are great. And so many of my teachers are hilarious, which makes them easier to sit through.
9. Good movies/books. I'm seriously in love with both of these things. I love movies that make me have faith in people, and books that make me think about why things are they way they are.
10. Romney. Here's my little soapbox--I'm not just another Mormon "sheep" everyone thinks. I have explored the issues, my beliefs and aligned myself with the person I think best embodies what I want. Enter Mitt Romney. He was a great governor in my opinion, and I know many disagree, but I love him. That is why I'm heading up his campaign here. Honestly. I believe he will be able to do great things for our country. And I know many of you disagree, but this is not meant to be a political discussion.
11. BYU Football. Even if they weren't able to pull out the win today against UCLA, I am stoked for this season. I seriously love football.
12. My big sister attitude is in overdrive with all these girls. I have become the most protective person, already.
13. The Red Sox. And having people to watch the games with. I seriously love the new boys down the hallway.
14. Patterns--I have a renewed love of argyle, plaid and polka dots. It's seriously a problem. =]
15. The newsroom. It's funny, it's the one place lately where I truly feel like I belong. In Fever Pitch (which I recommend to EVERYONE), Drew Barrymore says she loves work because it's the only place where things make sense--that's how I feel about the newsroom. No matter what state my personal life is in, the chaos and attitude within the newsroom makes sense and makes me feel like I have my niche.
16. How much I amuse myself. Seriously, I love humor and I love my own humor. I added "Hail to the Chief" as one of my ringtones and sat and laughed at myself for the next few minutes. I kinda enjoy being a dork.
17. Hope for the new year. I'm sure the prospects are out there (which is torture on my terrible lack of patience)...I'm just waiting for them to come along. I'm sure I'll start to figure things out as they go along and I'll garner a new group of lackeys, just kidding, friends. I just need to remember to have faith and a large measure of hope.

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  1. I had no idea you were a fellow blogger! Yays! We blog everything... well we are a little behind since school began but we are getting caught up! :)


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