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Sep 20, 2007

I don't think I can even begin to express the amount of joy that filled my heart this morning. Now, seeing as I'm not really a morning person...this was an incredible feat. I opened my window to accurately figure out the weather (living in the basement it's obviously the best way...hahahaha). When the first gust of chilly wind blew in the room I was SO excited!! I love fall. I love this weather. I'm definitely a four seasons kind of person. I can't handle only having 2 seasons.

So I've decided I'm going to give into peer pressure. I need to learn to ski this year. Seriously, I need to learn in order just to fit in and have things to talk about at Romney meetings. Haha. Hopefully Bryce is really up for teaching me like he's told me he is so many times over. I'm not a very good New Englander if I can't ski. Honestly. And you all know what this would mean? It would mean I could actually go to the ski resorts with my friends this Christmas.

I found one of my new favorite blogs. Overheard lines. It's for the voyeur in each of us.

I called mom today (shocker) and she informed me it's 90 degrees at home! 90 degrees in Boston at the end of September?! That's unheard of! So for my dad's birthday tomorrow they're going to the beach. JEALOUS!!

I finally bought my pair of jeans I've been obsessing over all month. Oh I'm excited. Stoked actually.

And for the final thought of the day--I love the smile people get on their face when they're genuinely excited to see you. And the feeling you get. All smiley. It's a great way to live.

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