Near date essay.

May 1, 2007

A near date…well, actually, I think I’ve had my fair share of these. I guess that’s what you get when you grow up surrounded by boys—friendship that rarely leads to a “free meal” or whatever it is you’re supposed to get out of a first date.
But one of my favorite almost dates happened last year. There was a guy in my ward that seemed to hit every great thing on the list: cute—but didn’t know it, funny—and knew it, smart, relatively mature, and spiritual. I was in heaven. Okay, not quite, but I kinda hoped he’d be my ticket there. Anyway, we became friends and started hanging out a lot. He was frequently at my apartment and when he wasn’t I was at his. One night he asked if I’d like to go get something to eat. “So what?” you say? Well he made it painfully obvious it would be just the two of us and that’s the way he wanted it. A step in the direction I wanted. Would I like to go? Would I ever!?! So obviously, I went.
We went somewhere low key, not anything like Tucanos, but not anything like Beto’s either. Somewhere comfortable. We stared at the menu for a few minutes—okay, honestly, he stared at the the menu, I started at him. So he finally decides what he wants to order (and boys always complain that girls take forever?) and turns to me and says, “So what are you getting?"
I had picked some chicken sandwich with fries, and told him the combo meal number for it.
“Oh, that sounds really good,” he says. He then steps up to the counter, orders what I assume he had thought about before, and the sandwich I want (without the fries) and pays. He turns around walks toward me and so I start to walk toward a table. “Aren’t you going to get something?” he says. That’s when I realized he was a boy and therefore could eat a small pachyderm if necessary. He had ordered all that food for himself.
I walk back to the counter, order my food, pay and proceed to sit down at the table he had picked out.
The only retribution I got while sitting there, feeling like an idiot, is that my food was ready before his and I got to sit there munching on my food while his stomach growled.
He’s really not a bad guy, and we’ve remained friends, it was just one of those terribly close calls. Apparently my aim was horribly off on that one.

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